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    TOP Flask - Laelia rubescens aurea x sib

    On offer is a beautiful flask of a Laelia species. The photo of the flower is for reference only. Each flask contains more than 30 seedlings that are ready for deflasking. The...

    Laelia Pumila Alba (Fragrant Miniature from Brazil)

    In its native habitat of Northern Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, this species can be found growing on trees in swampy woodlands. The white flowers are about 4 inches wide and sport...

    L. Anceps 'Wallburnn' x Roseminah

    A great hybrid which incorporates three different types of L. anceps: barkeriana, chilapensis and the shapely Guatemalan form. Near flowering size. Photo is for expectation only.

    L. Purpurata v. Tipo Giant x Purpurata v. Striata

    Native to Brazil. Medium sized hot to cool growing and blooms in late spring. The flowers can reach upto 10-12cm in diameter. The colours of the flowers are extremely variable.--Native...
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