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    Balanced Orchid Fertiliser NPK 20-20-20 + TE (100g)

    This is a balanced fertiliser which contains the right amount of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium along with important micronutrients. DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Dissolve 0.5g of fertiliser in 1L of water...

    Special Formula - Organic Fertilizer (50g)

    Our organic special formula fertilizer boosts the plant growth and helps the plant to bloom beautifully.--Our Special Formula is an organic fertilizer produced from fish and chicken by-products. As it...
    Premium Quality Clay Pellets

    Premium Quality Clay Pellets

    Our premium quality clay pellets are available in 2L and 5L bags and are suitable for use with all orchids.--Our premium quality clay pellets are available in 2L and 5L...

    Premium Coarse Perlite 5L

    Premium Coarse Perlite is suitable for all orchid seedlings and plants as a growing medium.--Premium Coarse Perlite – 5L Bag Orchid Patio's Perlite provides a sterile and easy to manage...

    Sphagnum Moss - 500g

    Sphagnum Moss is naturally air dried to preserve the optimal quality of the moss. Brunnings Sphagnum Moss passes through a series of cleaning techniques, both mechanical and manual, where contamination...
    Slow Release Fertiliser Baskets

    Slow Release Fertiliser Baskets

    These plastic fertilizer containers are made to place organic fertilizer. These containers with lids also protect your plant fertilizer from being eaten by birds, other small animals, wind, or other...
    90cm Wire Hangers Products

    90cm Wire Hangers

    Wire hanging potted orchid species suitable for use in conjunction with potted orchids. You can bring orchids to adorn the various locations. It also saves space in the plant as...
    Orient Plant Hangers

    350mm Orient Plant Hangers

    Our orient plant hangers are made of high-quality plastic and are suitable for showcasing your plants by hanging them.--Our orient plant hangers are made of high-quality plastic and are suitable...
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