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    Tolumnia Sniffen x Capalaba Gypsy

    This Oncidium seedling (growing in a 50mm tube) is beautiful with its stunning flowers.--This Oncidium seedling (growing in a 50mm tube) is beautiful with its stunning flowers. It is truly a rare...

    Oncidium Twinkle Orange

    Oncidium Twinkle is one of the greatest miniature Oncidiums of all time.  Easy to grow, compact growth, profuse flowering, relatively disease free, and in a range of colours. Oncidium 'Twinkle' varieties...

    Oncidium Gilded Tower 'Mystic Maze

    This is a really neat Brassia hybrid with 5-6 inch star shaped flowers that first open in a greenish yellow color, and then progress to being more yellow as the...

    Oncidium Ronaele 'Roxy' AM/AD/ AOC X Onc. Jiaho Queen

    On offer the orchid is growing in 50 mm tube, healthy and well established. This is a new variety. This striking yellow and black flowers of this miniature Oncidium hybrid...

    Oncidium Sharry Baby 'Sweet Fragrance'

    Highly perfumed maroon, cream and pink flowers each around 3cm across. They open on long, strong stems up to a meter tall for many weeks. Sharry Baby blooms twice a year...

    Oncidium Insignis

    On offer a beautiful seedling of oncidium with Intense colours, delicate markings and unusually shaped flowers make orchids ideal display plants. This oncidium presents a very beautiful display when in bloom.

    TOP Oncidium Alosuka 'Claire' X Gom. Golden Drops "Spots'

    Oncidium Alosuka is one of the typical yellow skirt dancing ladies which everyone thinks of when you say Oncidium.  Alosuka is a hybrid from what is called the Varicosum group...

    TOP Flask - Onc. Twinkle 'Oro'

    On offer is a beautiful flask of a Oncidium hybrid. The photo of the flower is for reference only. Each flask contains more than 30 seedlings that are ready for deflasking. The...

    Oncidium Jiuhbao Gold KBR ( Mericlone)

    This is probably the biggest standard Oncidium flower there is with a 5 to 6 cm lip! Very impressive flowers which come from branching spikes that can hold 20 to...


    Oncidium Catatante 'Pacific Sunburst' is an oncidium hybrid orchid, an easy to grow oncidium with lovely long inflorescence of golden- bronze-rust flowers. The inflorescence bears lots of flowers and can...

    Odm Pesky Trance 'Pacifica' 4N X Wils. Wilda Bullard '5Points'4N ( Tetraploid)

     This is a beautiful and unique variety which is not commonly seen all the time.

    Brassidium Golden Gamine ‘White Knight’

    This unique orchid hybrid (with spikes) is a fully mature plant growing in a 125mm pot.--This unique orchid hybrid (with spikes) is a fully mature plant growing in a 125mm...

    Wilsonara Hilo Firecracker ‘Sangria’

    This is an amusing orchid plant with spikes (growing in 125mm pot) and will soon have medium size blooms on strong arching racemes.--This is an amusing orchid plant with spikes...

    Sanderara Black Star ‘Pacific Red Star’

    This is an orchid growing in a 125mm pot with spikes will soon produce red flowers with little dabs of white and a touch of yellow in the centre.--This is...
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