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    TOP - Vanda Denisoniana x sib (Fragrant Species)

    On offer is a beautiful fragrant Vanda species seedling (not in spike) growing in a 50mm tube from Yunnan China, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam.The color can vary from brighter...

    Very Fragrant Vanda Tricolor Var. Suavis

    A very fragrant species found in Java and Laos with 2-3 inch flowers coloured in white with reddish spotting and a purple lip with a fragrance like grape candy.This Vanda...

    Rhyncovanda Colmarie

    Rhynchovanda Colmarie is a beautiful hybrid and has a sweet spicy fragrance.. a very strong one too. This variety is a cross between Vandachostylis Sri-Siam × Rhynchostylis gigantea. Not available all the time.

    Vandachostylis Pinky 'Red' X Self (Fragrant)

    Pinky is a great hybrid (miniature Vanda) that flowers in the winter months into the spring. It has a wonderful fragrance as expected with two great smelling parents. Mostly it will...

    Vanda Falcata X Lion Star ( Fragrant)

    A Neofinetia back-cross hybrid resulting an a variety of colours. The flowers are very fragrant and long lasting, this is very amazing variety, beautiful display when in bloom.

    (Rare) Ascda. Kulwadee Fragrance X Ascda. Yip Sum Wah

    This is a very healthy orchid crossed between two wonderful varieties and the flowers will be eye-catching and will present a elegant display, moreover the flowers are very fragrant and...

    TOP Ascocentrum christensonianum (Vietnam) Vanda christensoniana

     On offer a seedling growing in 50mm tube, may vary in the size. Ascocentrum christensoniamum is a relatively small orchid with an exuberant bloom. In nature the plant is found...

    Extremely Fragrant Neofinetia Falcata Tamakongo

    Neofinetia falcata Tamakongou is one of the most popular varieties of fukiran and probably the most popular bean leaf. It grows quickly forming dense clumps of compact, dark green fans. Flowers...

    Aerides Odorata (Fragrant Species)

    Aerides are spectacular Asian vandoid orchids. They are also called Cat’s-tail Orchids or Fox Brush Orchids for their multiflowered exquisite inflorescences. They could be found growing epiphytically in the rainforests of South-East Asia,...

    Vanda Coerulea 'Complex'

    Vanda coerulea orchid is a medium to large sized, warm to cool growing, monopodial epiphyte, which can reach 75-150 cm long and 50 cm wide, with very stout stems carrying...

    Papilionanda Jokenny

    Papilionanda Jokenny is an orchid hybrid originated by T.Orchids in 2005. It is a cross of Pda. Josephine van Brero x V. Madame Kenny. 

    Vanda Moonlight Firefly (Fragrant)

    This is a cross between Ascofinetia Twinkle and Neofinetia falcata. The tangerine colored flowers are very fragrant.  

    Species From Vietnam Renanthera Citrina

    A beautiful Renanthera from Vietnam forests. Light yellow with reddish spotting. Grow in medium to high light, preferably in warm conditions. The plants offered are seedlings. The flowers are very...

    Ascda. Kulwadee Fragrance No.22

    On offer a beautiful flowering size vanda with spotted flowers when in bloom. Sometimes colour may be vary.

    Rhy.Gigantea Ply

    This Rhynchostylis seedling (growing in a 50mm tube) is beautiful with its stunning flowers.--This Rhynchostylis seedling (growing in a 50mm tube) is beautiful with its stunning flowers. It is truly...

    V.Nopporn White Diamond

    This Vanda seedling (growing in a 50mm tube) is beautiful with its stunning flowers when it will become a blooming size plant.--This Vanda seedling (growing in a 50mm tube) is beautiful with its stunning...

    Vanda Coerulea Pink

    Vanda coerulea naturally occurs at the southern flanks of the Himalaya, at an altitude approximately 1400 metres. This specific species has grown to be so rare in nature. This Orchid grows...

    Vanda Tricolor (Fragrant)

    Vanda tricolor orchid blooms on an axillary, erect to suberect, 2 to 3" (5 to 7 cm) long, shorter than the leaves, 6-9 flowered inflorescence with large, fragrant flowers occurring in the...

    Vanda Princess Mikasa (Alba)

    Princess Mikasa 'Alba' is a compact plant that has tall numerous flowered spikes of full round shaped flowers that are white with greenish lip. On offer a healthy orchid growing in a...

    Vanda Roberts Delight Red Fuchsia

    On offer the Vanda is having flower buds. The flowers will be very amazing and long lasting.

    Vanda Dr. Anek V. Sirilak (In Buds Now)

    On offer a very beautiful Vanda having flowers buds on it.  Very bright and dazzling colour of the flowers when they will open at your place, only one available.

    Renanthera Memoria Robin Musolino

    Renanthera Memoria Robin Musolino is an orchid hybrid originated by J.Clarkson in 2007. It is a cross of Ren. imschootiana x Ren. bella. It is considered a "primary hybrid" because it is a...

    Vanda lamellata var. remediosae (Fragrant)

    Grows and blooms easily in a living room. The flowers are fragrant. This plant flowers excessively. This plant requires living room temperature.

    Diplopanda Lollygobble Blissbomb= (Diploprora Championii X Vanda Cristata)

    This is a beautiful vandaceous variety crossed between two species. Probably this orchid is in flower spike as you can see in the photo below. Not available all the time.

    Ascda. Kulwadee FraganceNo.27 X Tristar Blue

    On offer a haelthy and flowering size orchid which is ready to flower in the season. The flowers are very amazing and very long lasting.

    Vanda Two Tone Pairat

    On offer a very amazing orchid which is very healthy and flowering size, ready to flower in the season.  This variety is not available all the time. It can flower...

    Vanda Roberts Delight Blue

    On Offer a very healthy and big flowering size orchid which is ready to flower in the season.¬† Vanda Robert‚Äôs Delight ‚ÄėBig Blue Boy‚Äô is a mericlone with massive rich...

    Ascocenda Princess Mikasa Blue

    Princess Mikasa Blue is the epitome of grace, luxury and high style. This orchid is an excellent accessory anywhere in your home and an unforgettable gift to anyone important. The...

    V. Chantra x V. Kulvadee

    This is a beautiful Vanda orchid which produces flowers that are a cross between the orchid in photo 1 and photo 2. It is a beautiful and healthy orchid and...
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