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    TOP- Caulocattleya Chantilly Lace 'Twinkle' HCC/AOS ( Fragrant )

    ¬†Award winning meristem. Compact grower in light pink colours and many freckels on the lip. ¬†Temperatures: 15¬į-22¬įCWater: Once a week. Allow roots to dry out, especially during winter.Air humidity: 60-80%Placement:...

    Dendrobium Aphyllum (Fragrant Species)

    Dendrobium pierardii or aphyllum or cucullatum¬†is an orchid found in most collections. It is also known as the ‚Äėhooded orchid‚Äô because of the cone shaped lip of the flower. It...

    TOP - Phalaenopsis Allura Sphynx (Fragrant - Mericlone)

    On offer is a beautiful and healthy orchid mericlone growing in a 50mm tube. The photo of the flower is for reference only and the size of the seedling may vary....

    Clowesetum Penang Waltz ( Highly Fragrant)

    This is a very beautiful orchid presents amazing and fragrant flowers when in bloom. This is a Catasetum orchid and it tend to loose leaf during the winter and turn...

    Phalaenopsis Hieroglyphica ( Fragrant Species)

    It is the markings on the petals that give Phalaenopsis hieroglyphica its name. The petals vary in colour on this Phalaenopsis species from a pale yellow and white, the contrasting markings also...

    TOP - Catasetum pileatum var. alba (Fragrant Species)

    On offer is a beautiful variety of Catasetum which produces white, fragrant flowers. We have these seedlings growing in 50mm tubes. Photo of the flower is provided for reference only...

    TOP - Zygopetalum Maculatum 'Trozy Blue' ( Highly Fragrant )

    A wonderful clone with a deep dark blue lip and green petals with red/brown leopard motive.¬†Origin: Bolivia, Brazil and Peru.Temperature: 12¬į-20¬įCWater: Twice a week during active growth and in summer....

    Fragrant Species Dendrobium Amabile

      On offer a very healthy and flowering size orchid, which may give you flower for the coming summer season. Dendrobium Amabile is a species of Dendrobium orchid genus, with...

    Potinara elia Biani ferreira ( Fragrant )

    The remarkable Cattleya Orchids are known as 'The King of Orchids' or 'Corsage Orchids'. The gorgeous, long lasting flowers have a sweet perfume with floral notes and a touch of...

    TOP- SEDIREA JAPONICA ( Fragrant Species From Japan )

     Sedirea japonica also called as The Japan Sedirea, Phalaenopsis japonica, Aerides japonica, Angraecum japonicum,  The Japan Sedirea flowers in the spring and summer from the 18 cm long inflorescence carrying...

    Blc. Hawaiian Lightning Fiesta ( Fragrant )

    MERICLONE. A beautiful highly coloured hybrid between (C. Color Guard x Rlc. Toshie Aoki). 2-3 medium to large blooms on strong stems, well presented. Excellent texture & shape. Long lasting...

    TOP Cymbidium Red Gem (Variegated And Fragrant)

    On offer a beautiful and healthy seedling growing in 50 mm tube. The photo of the flower is for reference only and the size of the seedling may vary.

    Laelia Purpurata var. roxo- violeta 'Navegantes' X Laelia Purpurata var. roxo-violeta 'Aranda Blue Label'

    On offer there is a seedling growing in 50 mm tube, healthy and well established. The flowers are very fragrant and very eye-catching when it will bloom, moreover this is...

    TOP Phalaenopsis Hygrochila ( Fragrant )

     A large sized, hot to cool growing, epiphytic orchid that is found in Assam India, eastern Himalayas, Myanmar, Thailand, southern China and Vietnam in evergreen and semi-deciduous forests on limestone cliffs or...

    Lc. Jungle Queen X C. Caudebec (Fragrant)

    This is a beautiful hybrid cattleya crossed between two wonderful varieties. This orchid gives marvellous display when in bloom.

    Rhyncovanda Colmarie

    Rhynchovanda Colmarie is a beautiful hybrid and has a sweet spicy fragrance.. a very strong one too. This variety is a cross between Vandachostylis Sri-Siam × Rhynchostylis gigantea. Not available all the time.

    Vanda Rhynchorides Bangkok Sunset (Fragrant)

    Perreiraara Rhynchorides Bangkok Sunset is a monopodial epiphyte orchid hybrid having beautiful colours of an exotic sunset. The colour is a unique blend of amber, yellow, peachy coluors with a light...

    Blc. Chia Lin 'New City' ( Fragrant )

    This orchid produces deep magenta flowers with a decadent flash of gold. A nice compact plant that produces plenty of 20cm plus flowers with ease. It is growing in a...

    Cattleya loddigesii var. alba ( Fragrant and Rare Species )

    Very rare! This species is the background behind many of the Japhet types of Cattleyas that were so important to the cut flower industry. These plants grow slower and are...

    TOP (Flowering Now) Brassia verrucosa

    The famous spider orchid with 8-10 inch flowers that have a delightful fragrance. The flowers last 4-8 weeks. On offer the orchid having flower spike. However, we do not take...

    Acineta Chrysantha ( Fragrant Species)

    Acineta is a genus of orchids that is part of the Stanhopeinae, and is native from Mexico to South America.  They are large plants with big pseudobulbs that have 2-4 leaves per...

    (In Buds now) Dendrobium Farmeri (Alba) X Griffithianum

    On offer a very healthy orchid which is crossed between two fragrant species. This orchid is forming multiple flower buds. When they all will open they will surely give you...

    Coryhopea Predator (Coryanthes Golden Chalice x Stanhopea nigroviolacea)

    A very unusual hybrid with unique flowers that remind us of the famous film Predator. They even look like the creature, with the same coloration and similar appendages (Google it,...

    Bulbophyllum Longissimum (Fragrant)

     Bulbophyllum longissimum is found in Thailand, Myanmar, Borneo and Malaysia at lower elevations as a small sized, hot to warm growing epiphyte with conical, sheathed pseudobulbs carrying a solitary, apical,...

    Blc. Dora Louise Capen 'Clifton Two Tone' (Fragrant)

    Rhyncholaeliocattleya Dora Louise Capen is an orchid hybrid originated by R.M.Capen in 1992. It is a cross of C. Moscombe x Rlc. Toshie Aoki. On offer a good and flowering size orchid With...

    Epidendrum Brassavolae (Fragrant)

    Origin: Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama.Synonym: Epidendrum brassavolae, Encyclia brassavolae, Panarica brassavolae.Temperature: 15¬į-24¬įCWater: Water + mist regularlyHumidity: 60-80%.Flowers: Produces spikes with 4 to 14 waxy flowers....

    Fragrant Species From Philippines Dendrobium Amethystoglossum (Long Lasting Flowers)

    On offer this is a big size orchid which is not available all the time and very hard to find this size. It is a medium to large sized, lithophytic,...

    Fragrant Bifrenaria Harrisoniae Var Pubigera (AM/NSW/AOC)

    Bifrenaria harrisoniae is native to Brazil, around Rio De Janeiro. These plants grow on almost vertical, rocky cliffs, facing east, at a height of 200-800 m. They are exposed to strong...

    Sobralia Powellii (Fragrant Species From Ecuador)

    This is a large to giant sized, warm to cool growing terrestrial on steep embankments or rarely an epiphyte low on trees in pastures at elevations of 500 to 1500...

    Aerides Multiflora (Highly Fragrant)

    Aerides multiflora is a small to medium-sized species native to southeast Asia. Like many vandaceous orchids, they begin blooming before they have reached their full size. Aerides is easier to...
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